Episode One (October 18, 2012) - Rising Stars

The AoWF logo flashes onto the screen before fading into the TGW logo as the "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies begins to queue up and we get the video package for TGW Turmoil.

Define your meaning of war
To me it's what we do when we're bored
I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop
And it makes me want it more
Because I'm hyped up out of control
If it's a fight, I'm ready to go
I wouldn't put my money on the other guy
If you know what I know that I know

It's been a long time coming
And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

As the video ends on the Turmoil logo before cutting to the crowd in San Diego, many of which are cheering and holding signs. We see an "Orange Revolution" sign before cutting to a female fan holding a sign that says "Cage, I wanna play a game". The cut down to ringside as we're welcomed by TGW's broadcast team.

Scott Parker: Hello everyone and welcome to TGW's first broadcast of Turmoil! Turmoil is the home of the tag team division of True Glory Wrestling and we're excited for some action tonight. We have a couple of matches ready for you tonight that will get things rolling.

Ryan Davis: Over the first couple shows more and more will be added to Turmoil that will not only highligh TGW's tag team division but it hopes to serve as a home as a place that is able to highlight some of the best throughout the entire AoWF. I'm looking forward to seeing what the tag teams of TGW can do tonight. I'm especially interested in seeing the 323 up close tonight in our main event.

Scott Parker: We got a glimpse of the 323 in RXW and they seemed ready to brutalize anyone who stood in their way.

London Express Vs. Phoenicyde

The team of London Express (Jack Smith and Jacob Wilson) made their way to the ring as the crowd looked on. Wilson slide into the ring under the ropes as Smith wiped his feet on the apron and climbed into through the middle and top ropes. The began to talk strategy in their corner before the arena went black.

Ryan Davis: Um, Scott?

Before Scott Parker could answer a series of pyrotechnics began to shoot off around the tron before leading to a large explosion center stage as the fans rose to their feet once again. The two-time BWF Tag Team Champion team of Phoenicyde (Phoenix and BioCyde) stood at the top of the ramp.

Scott Parker: I can't believe my eyes. Someone pinch me because I might just be dreaming. Phoenicyde is making their way to the ring here in TGW.

Ryan Davis: They're two-time BWF Tag Champs, Phoenix holding the belts on three other occasions. But when was the last time they competed?

Scott Parker: This match will truly be a battle of old veterans against young blood.

BioCyde and Smith are set the start the match as the bell sounds. Smith has a clear size advantage as he approaches his opponent and starts the match with a kick to the thigh that echoes throughout the arena. BioCyde reaches for his leg and eats a dropkick to the jaw and falls to the mat. Smith jumps up and strikes a pose for the crowd and doesn't see BioCyde gets to his feet.

Ryan Davis: Smith believing he needs to look good as he wrestles.

BioCyde stands behind Smith and drops him with a hard right hand as he turns around.

Scott Parker: And it comes back to bite him there.

Smith gets up and is scooped up and slammed to the mat. BioCyde comes off the ropes and drops a leg across his opponent. He pulls Smith back to his feet and makes the tag before wrenching the arm of Smith. Phoenix lands a hard kick to the gut that sends Smith to his feet to catch his breath. The London Express member uses the ropes to pull himself up and starts to explode with a series of kicks to Phoenix's knees and legs. Smith charges off the ropes and gets taken down with a big boot from Phoenix.

Scott Parker: I think Smith needs to check his mouth and see if he still has all of his teeth.

Smith rolls to his feet and makes the tag to his partner, Wilson. Wilson comes in and challenges Phoenix to lock up. The two men go to lock hands and Wilson kicks Phoenix in the gut and follows it up with a headlock. Phoenix tries to hit a backdrop but Wilson rolls through and flips Phoenix to his back. Wilson pulls Phoenix up and hurries to drop him with a DDT in the middle of the ring and proceeds to cover.



Kickout. Phoenix gets to his feet as Wilson charges and he drops him with a powerslam. Wilson hits the mat hard and Phoenix pops to his feet. He makes the tag to BioCyde who climbs into the ring. Wilson is up and turns right into a hard clothesline. BioCyde is feeling it as Wilson gets up and is scooped slammed.

Ryan Davis: He's on a roll!

BioCyde pulls Wilson back up and lifts him for a stalling suplex before crashing him to the mat. He gets up and makes the tag to Phoenix and turns to Smith on the apron and knocks him off and follows him out of the ring. Phoenix pulls Wilson between his legs and lifts him for a powerbomb, crashing to the mat and makes the cover.




Todd Evans: The winner of the match via pinfall, BioCyde and Phoenix... Phoenicyde!

WINNER: Phoenicyde, via pinfall @9:22

Scott Parker: The old veterans pick up the win here tonight.

BioCyde and Phoenix start to make their way up the ramp as the fans cheer their return to wrestling.

Ryan Davis: They could be a big fan favorite here in TGW. Wrestling fans love nostalgia.

We're greeted backstage by Kirsten Shelley and she's standing beside AJ Adams. Adams is in street gear and has his arms crossed as he looks off. Shelley smiles to the camera and holds the microphone to her mouth.

Kirsten Shelley: I'm standing by with AJ Adams tonight and we're here to talk about the attack on him after his match with Funk Dogg. AJ, you've said that you're ready to fight anyone in the back and that challenge had been answered last week with former BWF competitor Camisado.

Shelley holds the microphone up for Adams as he pauses and looks at her.

AJ Adams: Yes? What's the question?

Kirsten Shelley: What are your thoughts? The two of you traded blows and he left that nasty cut under your eye.

AJ Adams: I think Camisado just bit off more than he can chew. While we may not be facing off next week at Animosity, I have no doubt that he and I will be competing soon. He may have gotten a few good shots in but that's all it was.

Kirsten Shelley: Have you asked for a match?

Adams grins and takes the microphone from Shelley.

AJ Adams: Here's me, calling out Camisado. Let him get a couple matches in, knock off whatever ring rust he might have so that when I beat him there's no excuse. AJ Adams and Camisado, book it.

“Sound Off” by Trapt begins to play as TGW's General Manager Wade Mason makes his way to the stage. The fans give him a standing ovation as he heads down the ramp.

Scott Parker: The fans here in San Diego love Mr. Mason and he shares that love back. It's right here in this city where his dream of TGW began and he loves when they're here.

Mason climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone.

Wade Mason: Everything that's been happening here in TGW is leading towards something, building towards the future. The match-ups, the orange flags, everything has an end game. Tonight starts a path for the tag teams of True Glory. Tonight marks something new yet for this company. A new show, a new path, and new style of how things work.

The fans cheer as Mason speaks and moves around the ring. He heads towards one side of the ring and puts his hand out. Todd Evans stands and picks up the TGW Tag Team titles and heads them to Mason. Mason holds both of the titles up in the air before starting to speak again.

Wade Mason: There have been three teams that have held these titles and the championship history behind them goes even deeper. I look forward to the action that we'll see from these teams and any team that joins the ranks.

Mason hands the titles back off to Evans and climbs out of the ring and sits ringside for the next match.

Coming Up This Week On:

Camisado makes his True Glory debut. AJ Adams and Jonathan Cage will battle it out in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Plus, Adrian Kalis is on hand to represent the orange revolution.

Headliners Vs. The 323

We come back from the commercial with Kevin White and Brian Moore, the Headliners, standing in the ring ready to compete. The fans give a loud mixed reaction to the team of the 323, Miguel Perez and Alejandro Torres, as they make their way to the ring. They show no respect towards the fans and Perez even spits towards one as the boo birds start to chime. Perez and Moore are set to start our match as the bell sounds.

Ryan Davis: The fans are really letting Perez know that they are not fans of his right now.

Scott Parker: And you know that he doesn't care at all.

Perez and Moore meet in the middle of the ring and lock up and the technician style of Moore gets Perez into a side headlock before he spins and is able to snap a hammerlock on the arm. Moore slips into a sleeper hold and as Perez struggles to get free he's locked back into that side headlock again.

Scott Parker: Brian Moore is really trying to keep this match from getting too fast paced or to let Miguel Perez from getting any blows in.

Perez wraps his arms around Moore and lifts him, dropping him with a back bodydrop. Perez and Moore get to their feet and Perez is locked back into that side headlock. Perez pushes off and catches his opponent with a shoulder block. He pulls Moore to his feet lands a kick to the gut and quickly follows it with a snap suplex. Perez makes the tag to Torres who climbs into the ring.

Ryan Davis: Alejandro Torres is a strong man.

Torres picks Moore up and lifts him above his head with a bench press style as he drops him right into his face. Moore is up and is send into the far ropes and is caught with a hard spinebuster that sends his head snapping back as well. The referee goes to check on Moore but is pushed away. Moore gets to his feet and starts to land a few lefts and right on Torres but gets rocked with a hard clothesline.

Scott Parker: Here comes Kevin White!

White has seen enough and tries to climb into the ring but the referee holds him off. Perez is tagged and charges, knocking White off the apron as Torres chases him out to the floor. Perez measures up Moore and connects with the Assassination (Zig Zag)! He covers!




Todd Evans: The winner of the match via pinfall, Alejandro Torres and Miguel Perez... The 323!

WINNER: 323, via pinfall @14:30

Torres sends White into the steel post on the outside, face first, then tosses him into the ring. Perez sets him up in a wheelbarrow and the crowd sends out the chorus of boos as Torres slides into the ring and the 323 hit the Gun Shot (Wheelbarrow by Perez into a running kick to the head by Torres, followed by a sit-down facebuster) on White.

Ryan Davis: I think that's a statement match from the 323 tonight. They want the rest of the tag team division know that they're the team to beat.

Scott Parker: It sure looks that way, Ryan. That's going to do it for us tonight. Thank you everyone for tuning in.

As the broadcast team takes us off air the 323 pose over the fallen bodies of the Headliners. We fade the the TGW logo and then to black.

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Quick Results
Phoenicyde defeated London Express
323 defeated the Headliners