TGW Staff

A former three-time BWF World Champion, Gabe Shelley took the reins of the BWF off of Johnny Maverick for one dollar after Maverick won control of the BWF from company namesake David Blazenwing at WrestleFest VI. On September 8th, 2011 a newly enforced General Manager took over BWF and renamed the company with total control, thus TGW was spawned from BWF's wings and later, RXW. Now Gabe's sold off RXW and is fully behind True Glory as apart of his JYJ Studios.

August 24th, 2009 True Glory Wrestling was born as the brainchild of Wade Mason. Mason started the company and built it from the ground up with much of his own money. Having issues with money he sold off a chunk of shares and ended up minority owner for most of 2010. Early in 2011 Wade had been run dry and decided it best to close. True Glory stayed alive with Wade looking to bring it back and was approached by the, then, BWF Board of Directors to help Gabe run the company. He pitched the idea and BWF was rebranded to TGW on September 8th, 2011. Mason took a few months off due to pressing family matters and during that time Gabe had rebranded again to RXW for 5 shows. Now Wade and TGW are back and ready to carry the AoWF to new heights. He's been given "general manager" duties and is working in partnership with Gabe.

TGW's original Play-by-play guy, Scott Parker was the first employee of the original TGW and worked briefly when TGW returned in 2011 but never took the spot as the number one guy. With the selling of RXW's assets True Glory called up Parker and asked him to return to the table. Parker is very knowledgeable when it comes to the wrestling business as he calls matches as he sees them.

A new face to the TGW announce booth, Ryan Davis is the new color commentary guy. While he might not fit the traditional mold with his extensive wrestling knowledge he tries to keep things light at the booth. He adds a unique style of wit, charm, and humor to the broadcasts.

The new ring announcer knows TGW very well. Todd Evans used to sit at the announcers table beside Scott Parker in the original TGW. He was initially offered his role behind the table once again but jumped at the chance to be the new voice bringing wrestlers to the ring.

Kirsten Shelley is the younger sister of owner Gabe. She's a former BWF and RXW superstar and spent time during the original True Glory as their backstage interviewer. She was kept on when TGW transitioned into RXW and is once again at the helm backstage getting the scoop for the fans. She's hard nosed, tough, and can hold her own.

Kevin Olson is a young reporter getting his first break. Gabe Shelley read a few pieces that he rode in a local paper and after hearing him ask questions in their interview he hired him on the spot. He's eager to learn and will jump on an interview to get ahead.