A New Era, Redux

We cut directly from the AoWF opening crawl to a darkened arena with TGW Owner Gabe Shelley standing in the middle of the stage, spotlight shining down, and a pair of crutches under his arms. Shelley adjusts his tie and speaks into the microphone as the hushed crowd seems confused.

Gabe Shelley: I've spent the past week trying to find the exact words to say here tonight and nothing sums up this moment that we're in. It's been two months since we've been on Thursday night and I will be the first to apologize. On September 8th of last year the Board of Directors decided that I needed a hand in running this company since I was new at it, in comes Wade Mason, and well, the rest is history.

A light "TGW, TGW" chant pops up in the crowd.

Gabe Shelley: TGW was Wade's baby and he did his damndest to make it work within the AoWF community. He ran into a bump in the road and couldn't get it back going while balancing home life. That's when I met with the Board and here we are. As of June 1st I am once again in complete control.

The fans give Shelley a cheer of approval.

Gabe Shelley: So here we are, back on Thursdays. However I feel it's time for a shakeup, something to help get this company rolling again. So I got to thinking about how I could do that and I "changed the game plan" so to speak.

The confusion sparks back up from the fans as Shelley shifts around the ring slightly, taking the weight off his left leg.

Gabe Shelley: Things evolve, change, and it's time for a revolution. In fact, I've been a part of a revolution before and I know that they can work. Mine started with a Singapore cane shot to some guards and everything else followed suit. However I'm clearly not in any position to lead a revolution.

He chuckles and points to his leg.

Gabe Shelley: So I got to thinking who I could trust to do something like that. Who could step in and take over, leading this new revolution. As of June 1st I am in control and as of June 3rd I gave that control to people I trust. There's someone who will sign paychecks, do the paperwork, stay behind the scenes. Then there's the person under them who will effectively be what Wade Mason was.

More murmurs from the crowd.

Gabe Shelley: Tonight that revolution starts. Tonight things change in not only this company, but the entire AoWF. A mark will be made and June 14th is the start of something that people will remember forever. We will no longer fight for True Glory...

A hush falls over the crowd.

Gabe Shelley: Ladies and gentlemen, I believed in this revolution once before and I believe it's just what this company needs. I give you, REVOLUTION X WRESTLING!

The crowd jumps to their feet as the lights come up to show the new ring and stage. Shelley smiles on.

Gabe Shelley:Welcome to the rebirth of RXW. Welcome to RXW Hardcore Resurrection.

More cheers from the crowd.

Gabe Shelley: Let me present to you the person who will be in charge of this new revolution... your RXW Commissioner... Chicago's own EMILY CORLEN!!!

"Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour hits the RXW-Tron and the crowd comes unglued as Emily Corlen walks out onto the stage dressed every bit the part of an executive.

She shakes Gabe's hand and he hobbles backstage as Emily takes center stage.

Nick Webb: The crowd must not watch PWA. I'd have thought Emily would have gotten a lot of boos after what she did to Enika Engel this past Sunday.

Rayne: I'm not surprised. It's Emily's hometown! And rumors are saying she's the one responsible for getting the show moved to Chicago, so they have her to thank for what is sure to be a memorable pay-per-view event tonight!

The crowd dies down and Emily holds up a mic.

Emily Corlen: Don't worry; I know you're all itching to get to the action. I promise I won't take up much of your time.

She grins before continuing.

Emily Corlen: What IS RXW? Hardcore wrestling, right? "Garbage wrestling". REBEL Pro Wrestling has a stranglehold on the hardcore niche wrestling market in the AoWF, right? Except, that's not what RXW is all about. Yes, weapons are legal in RXW because frankly, in RXW? There are no disqualifications. EVER.

Emily motions above her, where an image appears on the RXW-Tron.

Emily Corlen: So, what sets RXW apart from REBEL Pro Wrestling and why should you care? REBEL Pro Wrestling thrives on blood and guts. You're expected to mangle your opponent. Make them SUFFER. It's the closest the AoWF has ever come to having live snuff film sessions. In RXW, hardcore wrestling is an option, yes, but it's not expected of you to be successful here. There are plenty of five star technical wrestling contests in the annals of RXW history. RXW is all about one thing and one thing only... fair competition. There must always be a winner. No cop out DQ finishes to 'protect' a wrestler's aura leading into a big match. If you can't hack it in that ring, you're not going to make it in RXW. Period.

Emily smirks.

Emily Corlen: There must be a winner. And winners we shall have, later tonight. But before we move on to tonight's contests, a few quick things.

Emily puts on a pair of sexy reading glasses and pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket. She clears her throat before beginning.

Emily Corlen: First order of business. The RXW Tag Team Championships. The reigning TGW Tag Team Champions, Shelley's Angels, have officially been released from their contracts effective this afternoon. We here in RXW wish Alexia Fender, Aria and Noelle Shelley the very best in all their future endeavors.

A pause.

Emily Corlen: So what, then, does this mean for the planned Tag Team Title match between the Angels and Chicago's own Chi-Town Connection? Well, the CTC is still here, and they'll still be competing for the vacant RXW Tag Team Championships. But who will they face? I've decided to give a shot to an up and coming team who has been fighting to keep this company's name in the news, even without any guarantee that it would return. Allen Chaney and Alison James... A-Squared. And that match is next.

Emily smiles as the crowd cheers.

Emily Corlen: Next, AJ Adams and Lucious Starr will compete tonight, but not for either the classic or the contemporary Volitionary Championship. They will instead be fighting to decide who will become the next RXW United States Champion. That match will take place later tonight. Likewise, the TGW World Title will no longer be on the line in our main event, but rather, the participants in the Gauntlet for the Gold Match will be battling for the RXW World Championship.

More cheers from the crowd.

Emily Corlen: Finally. On December 29 of last year, Katie James won the 2011 Happenstance Tournament , the first in four years' time. You're not going to have to wait that long for the next Happenstance Tournament, because it will begin in four weeks on Revolution TV! On August 23, RXW Happenstance will take place, and on that night, a new Happenstance Monarch will be crowned and the winner will earn a SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP OPPORTUNITY - no changing it around on the winner like Wade did last year - against the RXW World Champion at the following pay-per-view event.

Emily smiles as the crowd cheers.

Emily Corlen: But that's in the future. Tonight, we've got a lot of action for you, starting with the crowning of a brand new set of RXW Tag Team Champions! Thank you for your time... and let the revolution commence!

Emily bows and walks back through the curtain as stage pyro goes off and the official pay-per-view logo appears on the RXW-Tron.

Nick Webb: Welcome everyone to the rebirth of RXW! Welcome to RXW Hardcore Resurrection! I'm Nick Webb, here with Rayne, and Rayne, we have one hell of a show for you all tonight!

Rayne: We sure do, Webb! Three Championship matches, three guaranteed new Champions because all the belts are vacant! But enough talk; let's get right to the action!

Chi-Town Connection vs. A-Squared


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is your opening contest for RXW Hardcore Resurrection! It is scheduled for ONE fall, and it is for the RXW Tag Team Championships!!! Introducing first, hailing from Chicago, Illinois... weighing in at a combined 470 pounds... the team of Chris and Zach Marshall... CHI-TOWN CONNECTION!!!

"Light it Up" by Rev Theory hits the RXW-Tron as former TGW Tag Team Champions Chris and Zach Marshall, Chi-Town Connection, walk onto the stage to loud boos. They make their way down to the ring and slide inside, posing before their music fades.

Rayne: Even in their hometown, they're not much liked. HA!

Scott Benjamin: And their opponents, hailing from Overland Park, Kansas and Panama City, Florida respectively... weighing in at a combined 475 pounds... the team of Allen Chaney and Alison James... A-SQUARED!!!

The beats of "Just Close Your Eyes" by Bedlam's Gate blares across the RXW-Tron and the fans come to their feet! Allen Chaney and Alison James appear on the stage, amping the crowd up, before heading down towards the ring. Katrina follows close by, staying near Alison. She takes her place at ringside as Allen and Alison slide inside and pose as their music fades, the crowd still roaring.

Nick Webb: This should be an interesting contest; the CTC prepared to face the released Shelley's Angels tonight, and A-Squared didn't even know they'd be competing for the Tag Titles until only moments ago, leading both teams into something of a blind scenario. Let's see what - or who - gives first!


Allen Chaney and Zach Marshall appear to be starting the match for their respective teams. Both men hook up, and Allen goes behind Zach and wraps him up, and starts headbutting him. Zach rolls free, and rolls to his feet, but he's too close to the corner and meets AJ's fist. The crowd cheers as Allen and AJ take turns punching Zach. Chris tries to get in, but is held back by the ref, and A-Squared get some solid double teaming in before Alison tags Allen and hops into the ring before beginning to stomp a mudhole in Zach in the corner. AJ backs up and measures up Zach and charges at him in the corner, but Zach moves out of the way and gives AJ an elbow to the face.

Nick Webb: Oh! A counter from the former TGW Tag Champion, almost out of desperation!

Zach goes over to his corner and tags in his brother Chris, who runs at AJ, but AJ gives him a big boot to the face. She uses the opportunity to tag in Allen, who goes right up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Chris to get back up.

Rayne: Big man on the top rope! I sure hope they reinforced that ring!

Allen goes for a missile dropkick, but Chris smartly moves out of the way. Allen rolls to his feet in pain and Chris gives Allen an Irish whip into the ropes and leapfrogs him when he comes back, but when Allen comes off the ropes, he hits a clothesline on Chris, who was still turning around. Allen drags Chris over to the ropes and lays him chest first across the bottom rope, before he runs to the opposite ropes and jumps on Chris' upper back!

Nick Webb: Oh! Pain!

As the crowd cheers, Allen pulls Chris out of the ropes and kicks him a few times for good measure before dragging him over to A-Squared's corner. Allen makes the tag to AJ, who gets in and catches the rising Marshall brother with a hurricanrana! The rotation of the move sends Chris into the ropes, before knocking him to the outside. AJ goes over to the ropes and points, but before she can leap over the ropes onto him, Zach jumps into the ring and pushes AJ over the ropes and onto the outside! Allen sees enough and gets in the ring, spearing Zach. On the outside, AJ slowly gets up and Chris is waiting for her as he grabs the youngest James sister and slams her shoulder first into the ringpost! A few feet nearby, Katrina screams at Chris, but when he turns his attention to her, she takes a step back.

Rayne: Careful out here, Katrina... these guys certainly aren't above bullying a pretty little thing like yourself!

The momentary distraction works, as Chris picks up AJ, but she wriggles free and shoves Chris into the ringpost instead! Back in the ring, Allen tries to pick up Zach, but Zach rakes his eyes before hitting him with a low blow! He starts putting the boots to Allen, but he doesn't see Alison slide into the ring from the outside and hit a lungblower backbreaker before covering!



No! Chris slid into the ring just in time and broke up the count!

Rayne: Was Zach even the legal man?

Nick Webb: I don't think so, but this fight's completely broken down, even I'm not 100% sure!

AJ slowly gets up, as Chris waits for her and picks her up for a body slam. But Allen spears Chris, sending Alison dropping down onto his body! The referee drops for the count as Allen stands up, grinning.



No! Kickout! Allen groans as Chris Marshall kicks out under his own power.

Rayne: And this match continues!

Zach gets up and grabs Allen from behind, using all of his strength to lift the big man and hit a pumphandle slam! Allen rolls to the outside and Zach follows and the two begin duking it out outside the ring. Inside the ring, AJ tries to lift Chris up, but Chris counters her with a swift knee to the face! With James dazed, Chris drags her over to the corner and begins slamming her head repeatedly into the turnbuckle, and the crowd can't help but count along, all the way to 10! AJ falls down and now the crowd boos at Chris. Chris picks up AJ and hits a hard spinebuster before gloating and motioning for the titles. Back on the outside, Allen suplexes Zach onto the floor. He goes and picks up a chair and waits for Zach to get up... and NAILS him with it when he does!

Nick Webb: Welcome to RXW!

Chair in hand, Allen turns around just in time to spot Chris jumping over the top rope to the outside! In a split second reflex moment, Allen hits him with the chair in midair! The crowd goes nuts as Allen swings the chair over his head, screaming loudly!

Nick Webb: I think Allen may have just found a replacement tag team partner if Alison gets injured again!

As a loud "Chaney" chant starts, Allen throws the dented chair down and picks up Chris, but Zach is back up and chops him hard in the chest. Chris is on his feet now, but nobody sees Alison coming, as she charges the ropes and leaps over with a breathtaking standing shooting star press to the outside, taking everybody out! The crowd is going nuts at this point as Allen and Zach are the first to their feet and slide back into the ring, with Zach a little quicker than Allen.

Nick Webb: I don't even know who the legal competitors are at this point!

Rayne: That makes two of us. Although in RXW, does it even matter?

Nick Webb: In this case... I have a feeling the referee's just given up caring WHO the legal competitors are.

Nick and Rayne laugh as Allen reaches his feet and Zach catches him with another low blow! The crowd boos loudly as Zach hits Allen with the Windy City Letdown (Mic Check) before covering!



No! Allen kicks out at 2 1/2 and the crowd explodes!

Back on the outside, AJ slowly gets up and Chris is waiting, as he charges her... but AJ catches him and uses his own momentum to whip him into the ring apron! AJ slides into the ring as Chris slides down onto the floor on the outside and she leaps into the air, catching Zach and dropping him with her Ali-Go-Round (Double Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takeover)!

Nick Webb: What is Allen doing?

Allen climbs up the turnbuckle as the crowd cheers and AJ lines Zach up before Allen leaps backwards with the WTFFF! [Watch That Fat Fuck Fly] (All 350 pounds of Allen does a Moonsault off of the top rope)! Zach rolls out of the ring in pain as Chris slides into the ring and mule kicks the rising Allen from behind, sending him rolling out right on top of Zach! Chris turns his attention to Alison, measuring her for his Midway Monster (Red Alert) finisher, but she counters it, rolls behind him and hits the Shock and Awesome (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)! With the crowd now at a fevered pitch and Allen holding Zach down on the outside, AJ drags Chris over to the corner and poses before jumping onto the top rope and nailing a picture perfect Seventh Heaven (Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault)! She covers as the crowd counts along!





Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners and the NEW RXW Tag Team Champions... Allen Chaney... Alison James... A-SQUARED!!!

"Just Close Your Eyes" by Bedlam's Gate hits the RXW-Tron as Allen rolls into the ring and hugs AJ tightly. The two celebrate like they just won the lottery as the official hands them the RXW Tag Team Championships.

Nick Webb: What an exhilarating contest to kick off the RXW era, Rayne! Tonight, Allen Chaney and Alison James proved that they are the best team in RXW!

Rayne: I can't wait to see what opposition crops up to challenge them! Not to mention the eventual rematch between A-Squared and Chi-Town Connection!

Nick Webb: No kidding; if this match was any indication, the next time these two face off, it's going to be even more heated and personal!

Funk Dogg vs. Dallas Hoover


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall! Introducing first, he hails from Funkytown... weighing in at 230 pounds... FUNK DOGG!!!

The music for "Straight Outta Funkytown" plays while Funk Dogg raps into a mic and jumps around. His manager Ian Schwarz follows him in his wheelchair.

Rayne: This is a huge opportunity for this multi-time PWA and REBEL Pro titleholder to assert himself tonight. A win over the talented Dallas Hoover could easily catapult him to the United States or even World Championship here in RXW!

Scott Benjamin: And his opponent, he hails from Mesa, Arizona... weighing in at 414 pounds... he is The Fat Guy... DALLAS HOOVER!!!

"Wedding Nails" by Porcupine Tree begins to play and three pale blue spotlights shine on the entrance to the ring area. When the drums hit, there is a pop of white fireworks on either side of the ramp and Dallas Hoover steps out, arms spread wide. He's got an enormous grin on his face as he strolls down the ramp. He points at a few fans that seem particularly excited to see him and then climbs the ring steps. He starts to climb under the top rope, but appears to get stuck half way. After struggling for a second, he forces himself through, rolls on his shoulder and lands in a sitting position. He throws out his arms again and laughs, then picks himself up.

Nick Webb: Just a few short months ago, Dallas was in World Title contention in TGW, but a series of setbacks have thrust him onto the backburner. A win tonight can help Dallas climb back into contention for the biggest prizes in RXW!


The match starts as Funk Dogg backs Hoover into the corner and throws a few punches before the referee forces a clean break. Funk Dogg steps back and Hoover returns the favor with a punch. Funk Dogg counters with his own punches, but Dallas headbutts him before whipping him into the corner. He goes for a corner splash, but Funk Dogg slides out of the path of the move and rolls the dazed Hoover up as he stumbles back from the corner!



Kickout! Dallas gets his shoulder up at 2!

Nick Webb: It's going to take a lot more than that to keep big Dallas Hoover down!

Funk Doog pulls Hoover to his feet, but Dallas counters whatever Funk Dogg was going for and hits a reverse atomic drop before going for a cover of his own!




Rayne: Funk Dogg gets his shoulder up as well and this match continues. Dallas isn't the only resilient guy in that ring tonight!

Dallas pulls Funk Dogg to his feet and tries to give him a suplex, but Funk Dogg blocks it with his foot before elbowing Hoover and whipping him into the ropes. As Dallas comes back, Funk Dogg leans down and hits Da Funky Headhunter (Three Point Stance into Running Clothesline)! Instead of going for the cover, he drags Dallas into the center of the ring (with some effort) and rolls him onto his stomach before applying Da Funky Camel (Camel Clutch)! Dallas tries to shake him off but quickly has no choice but to audibly submit as the referee rings the bell!


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner as the result of a submission... FUNK DOGG!!!

"Straight Outta Funkytown" by Funk Dogg starts playing on the RXW-Tron as Funk Dogg stands up, posing. The crowd boos as his wheelchair bound manager, Ian Schwarz, tosses him a mic from ringside.

Funk Dogg: Aw yeah. Funk Doggy Dogg gonna get this party goin right ya all! We gonna dance, we gonna party, and we gonna keep it goin all night long! Whoo!! Yeah dawg Funk Dogg in da house!

He then starts dancing as the crowd continues booing.

Nick Webb: And the hard times for Dallas Hoover continue.

Rayne: On the plus side, what a big win for Funk Dogg, who, with Fley gone, has a real chance to shine here in RXW!

Nick Webb: Yeah, that Fley... I'm glad to see him gone.

Rayne: Kinda makes you wonder what's going to happen to that planned six man tag match tonight, pitting Lisa Seldon, Anna Mathews and Jeffery Drake against Nightstryker, Vicious and Fley! I mean, with Fley gone and Drake retired at Fall From Grace...

Nick Webb: Actually, I'm receiving word that our new Commissioner Miss Emily Corlen is standing by backstage in her office right now to make an announcement regarding that situation!

What To Do With the Charms and MoA

The camera shifts backstage to the office of RXW Commissioner Emily Corlen. The wall is adorned with Championships she's won throughout her career, ranging from PWA to REBEL Pro to eWo and even BWF and TGW. In the center of the room stands Emily.

Emily Corlen: There has been a lot of speculation over the last several weeks about the fate of one match in particular tonight. In April, a six man tag pitting the Charms team of Jeffery Drake, Lisa Seldon and Anna Mathews against the Masters of Armageddon team of Fley, Nightstryker and Vicious made a lot of sense.

Emily turns to another camera in her office, almost bored as she talks.

Emily Corlen: But a lot can change in two months' time, and in the span since TGW went dark and RXW heroically rose from its twisted, mangled corpse, a lot has. Jeffery Drake has been permanently retired by Nightstryker. Fley has been more or less killed off by the Order of Chaos. And really, the Masters aren't even together anymore. So, that begs the question... what happens to the six man tag team match that this crowd was promised nearly two months ago?

She shrugs.

Emily Corlen: Well, I've come up with an ingenious solution. Rather than make these two teams fight each other, I'm going to give the Chicago crowd two matches for the price of one! Tonight, BWF Hall of Famer Jamal Mystic and partner Josh McKlick return to action for the first time in almost six years to face the team of Vicious and Nightstryker. And after that, the team of Stryker Cloud and Xander Strife, collectively known as X-Factor, will take on Dodo-A-Gogo in a non-title match.

Emily smiles to the camera.

Emily Corlen: Enjoy the action. Those matches start right now.

With that, the camera pans back to the ring.

Josh McKlick & Jamal Mystic vs. Vicious & Nightstryker


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall! Introducing first, the team of JOSH MCKLICK and BWF Hall of Famer JAMAL MYSTIC!!!

The crowd gives Josh and Jamal, already in the ring, a decent pop as the pose for the fans.

Nick Webb: Okay. This isn't going to be good for those two. Josh is a former BWF World Champion, and Jamal a Hall of Famer... but... I don't like their chances. Not against Nightstryker and Vicious.

Scott Benjamin: And introducing their opponents, hailing from Chicago, Illinois... the team of NIGHTSTRYKER and VICIOUS!!!

"Orestes" by A Perfect Circle hits the RXW-Tron as Nightstryker and Vicious walk onto the stage, emotionless. They march to the ring and slide inside, their eyes never leaving their opposition for the evening, as their music fades.

Rayne: Nightstryker made history last month when he retired Jeffery Drake at Fall From Grace. It was a historic victory, and tonight, he looks to add to that as he teams with his brother to face the decorated team of Jamal Mystic and Josh McKlick. But I have to agree with you, Nick... I don't like Josh and Jamal's chances here.


BWF Hall of Famer Jamal Mystic starts things off in the ring with Trevor "Vicious" Knight, his brother Nightstryker watching on the apron. Vicious slaps Jamal hard before they lock up and Vicious hits several nasty forearms across the face. Vicious shifts into a side headlock and pushes him into the ropes, hitting a shoulder tackle and elbow drop combo.

Nick Webb: Vicious taking control of the action early on here.

Vicious with kicks and a swinging neck breaker as Josh McKlick cheers Mystic on from the apron. Vicious kicks Mystic in the ribs hard and then pulls him up and into the corner before hitting a series of knife edge chops. Vicious continues to work on the neck as he begins choking Mystic in the ropes. Mystic catches him with an elbow, but Vicious replies with a nasty punch to the back of the head.

Rayne: Ow! Vicious is... well, vicious! Jamal's gotten I think one offensive move off this entire match!

Nick Webb: He needs to tag Josh in badly...

The crowd starts rallying for Mystic, but the rallying is short lived as Vicious knees him hard in the skull again before applying the Shangri-La (Wakigatame Armbar applied with expert leverage)! Josh jumps into the ring to break the hold up, but Nightstryker is ready, jumping into the ring and clotheslining McKlick hard! Mystic struggles to break out of the armbar, but as dazed as he is from all of the head shots, he quickly submits.


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners as the result of a submission... NIGHTSTRYKER AND VICIOUS!!!

"Orestes" by A Perfect Circle plays over the RXW-Tron as Vicious continues cranking Jamal's arm in the armbar. Nightstryker yells something to his brother, who grins before pulling back quickly, snapping Mystic's arm clean in half! The crowd goes silent as Jamal passes out and Vicious stands up, grinning evilly.

Nick Webb: Oh my...

Rayne: The MoA might be a distant memory now, but Vicious is just as deadly as ever. RXW needs to beware, or this guy could spell big trouble for the competitors here!

Nightstryker and Vicious leave the ring, glaring at Josh McKlick before walking up the ramp. Josh rolls into the ring and calls for EMTs as the action shifts.

The Matt/Kat Reunion

We're backstage, the crowd still buzzing for the previous match. Just outside of a locker room, we hear a chipper woman's voice from within

???: I'm just going to grab a bottle of water, I'll be right back!

From inside the locker room comes Katrina, who seems quite happy. She's wearing a pair of faded jeans and a tank top. She heads down the hallway, the cameraman more than happy to follow her as she heads for catering. When she gets there, she freezes as she sees that she's not alone. The camera stops focusing on her backside and pans up to see Matt Stone standing with a cocky smirk on his face. Katrina stays silent as Matt starts walking towards her, looking her up and down.

Matt Stone: Well, well, well... look what we have here. If it isn't Miss Katrina, how are you doing?

Katrina, still surprised that she ran into Matt, just stares at him without speaking.

Matt Stone: What's the matter doll, don't want to talk to me anymore?

Katrina starts stammering, Matt cuts her off.

Matt Stone: Tell you what, how about when you get your pretty little voice back, you give me a call, I'm sure you've got my number. I've got a World title to win.

Stone winks at her and walks passed, Katrina turns and watches him leave, looking both confused and a little scared. She nods, as if confirming something in her own head and goes to get that bottle of water as we head back to ringside.

X-Factor vs. Dodo-A-Gogo


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for ONE fall! Introducing first, the team of Stryker Cloud and Xander Strife... X-FACTOR!!!

No, these two don't get a PPV entrance either. They do get a bigger reaction than Jamal and Josh did minutes before, however, since they've been around BWF and TGW over the last year and a half.

Nick Webb: Cloud and Strife are former BWF Tag Team Champions. If they can somehow knock off the PWA and AoWF Tag Team Champions Dodo-A-Gogo here tonight, they'll have an express ticket right to the top of the AoWF tag team division!

Rayne: Say, I just realized if you take X-Factor's last names, you get the main character from Final Fantasy VII!

Nick Webb: Huh. How about that? I'm sure that wasn't planned at all.

Scott Benjamin: And their opponents, they are the PWA and AoWF Tag Team Champions... the team of Anna Mathews and Lisa Seldon... DODO-A-GOGO!!!

"Dressage" by The Cornflowers plays on the RXW-Tron as Lisa and Anna walk out onto the stage, covered in Championship belts. They already know this match is theirs and so do the fans, but that doesn't keep them from cheering at the top of their lungs for the popular tandem! The Dodos run to the ring and slide inside, eager to begin this contest.

Rayne: Anna's has a rough week, losing her REBEL Pro World Championship to former TGW competitor Reece Paxton this past Monday night on Aggression. She's liable to want to let out some steam here tonight!


Anna and Xander start out in the middle of the ring. Before either competitor can throw a punch, Lisa jumps into the ring. Anna knees Xander in the gut and together, she and Lisa hit Xander with the Combat-Death Omni-Warrior Orbit-Funerary Blasting Wheel Spiral Fusion!


Nick Webb: I... it doesn't even bear thinking about!

Lisa looks over at Stryker Cloud on the apron, who quickly jumps off the apron and says "Nope, nope, nope, nope" before quickly making his way around the ring and up the ramp. Anna covers Xander and the referee (and crowd) counts along!





Scott Benjamin: Here are your winners... Lisa Seldon and Anna Mathews... DODO-A-GOGO!!!

"Dressage" by The Cornflowers plays on the RXW-Tron as Lisa and Anna celebrate their victory, while what's left of Xander Strife twitches on the mat.

Nick Webb: That was... a victory.

Rayne: Indeed it was. A victory and a win. Let's move on, shall we?

Nick Webb: Oh, please. Let's.

I'm a TGW Guy

The camera shifts backstage, where we find RXW Commissioner Emily Corlen wandering around, talking to a couple of backstage techs. She smiles and sends them about their business before turning around... and finding herself face to face with her old TGW rival, AJ Adams.

AJ Adams: Emily.

Emily Corlen: AJ.

AJ begins walking around Emily in a circle, smirking.

AJ Adams: Well, well, well. Look at you. I see you've made your way up in the world. Tell me, Emily. Did the Executive position come as a free bonus when you slept with Matt Stone? Or is there another guy out there that even he doesn't know about?

The crowd utters an audible "ooh", but Emily doesn't flinch.

Emily Corlen: Cute. Do you need anything, AJ? Or can I go?

AJ Adams: No, I actually wanted to ask you a question. Are you insane?

He shakes his head in disbelief.

AJ Adams: You got rid of the TGW brand name... for what? Revolution X Wrestling? Thirteen year olds on the internet could come up with a better company name than that! Oh, let me guess... it's a Blazenwing creation, right? Just... like... you.

Emily Corlen: Watch it.

AJ Adams: Or what? Are you gonna fire me? Go ahead. Fire me. I'm not loyal to you. No, the guy I'm loyal to got screwed by management and sent God knows where, and now I'm stuck here with you. The woman who -

Emily Corlen: Handed you your ass for months on end.

That shuts Adams up, if only momentarily.

Emily Corlen: You know damn well why everything happened the way it did, AJ. Two months without a show? Unacceptable, even for Wade Mason. I'm here to set things right. If that means hitting the reset button to save this company, so be it. I'm backed by Gabe Shelley and that should be more than enough reason for you to be loyal to ME.

AJ thinks about this for a minute.

AJ Adams: Okay. Fine. I'll play your little game. I'll go out there and kick Lucy Starr's ass and I'll wear your stupid United States Title when we both know I'm REALLY wearing the TGW Volitionary Title. Because, Emily? Let's get one thing perfectly straight right now.

He leans in close to Emily.

AJ Adams: I'm not an RXW guy. I'm a TGW guy. Remember that.

He smirks at Emily and walks off toward the ring, leaving the RXW Commissioner to simply shake her head and sigh as the camera shifts back to ringside.

Lucious Starr vs. AJ Adams


Red and violet lights shine around the arena, falling at the center of the entrance ramp. Cee Lo Green's Fuck You hits the arena, as white fireworks light the ramp. Lucious Starr emerges to a mix of cheers and boos, throwing up both hands- which are flicking off all in attendance. Lucious slowly makes his way down the ramp, playing to the fans as he almost dances his way down.

Scott Benjamin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the RXW United States Championship. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Akron Ohio!

Lucious stops mid ramp, gyrating to the tune. He points to either side of the ramp, a few female fans cheering while a few are totally not buying it, Lucious blowing a kiss to a nearby female fan.

Scott Benjamin: Weighing in at two hundred and sixty-three pounds...

Lucious continues down the ramp, eyeing the ring as he descends.

Scott Benjamin: He is the Untamed Fury...

Lucious circles the ring, stopping by the announce table. He salutes the announce team, then turns to leap onto the ring apron. He waves to the crowd, taking in the mixed reaction as his intro continues. Lucious slides in between the top and middle ropes, climbing the nearest turnbuckle.

Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, he is Lucious Beta Starr!!

Lucious again flips the bird, jumping to the mat below as he waits for the match to begin

Scott Benjamin: And his opponent...

The lights go dim as blue and red lights begin to search the arena. As a burst of pyro goes off, AJ Adams is seen standing on the stage looking into the ring. He walks down and sometimes points to the sky.

Scott Benjamin: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at one hundred, seventy six pounds, this is AAAAAJJJJJ AAAAADAAAAAMS!!!

He slides into the ring and climbs one of the turnbuckles. Adams then points out to the crowd and then makes a fist with each hand. He jumps down to the mat and waits his opponent.

Nick Webb: Well ladies and gentlemen; here we are ready to crown the first RXW United States champion under the AoWF banner, how exciting!

Rayne: Exciting, yes, but not surprising.

Nick Webb: How do you mean?

Rayne: I couldn't even pronounce that old title!


Adams and Starr lock up in the center of the ring, Adams quickly going behind with a hammerlock, catching Starr off guard. Lucious reaches back though, grabbing AJ's head and flipping him forward with a snap mare. Lucious quickly follows up with a chin lock on Adams, who forces himself up quickly, reaching up and grabbing Lucious' head, driving it straight down against his own skull. Lucious releases the hold and backs up, allowing for Adams to get up and charge forward, knocking him down with a spinning wheel kick. Lucious rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Adams stays on the offensive, diving through the ropes with a suicide dive! He collides with Lucious and forces him, back first, into the guard rail. The crowd cheers for the action, not really caring for either man that much.

Rayne: AJ Adams doesn't look to be playing around tonight.

Nick Webb: Did you expect him too? This is for the prestigious RXW United States Championship!

Adams picks up Lucious and rams him, head first into the steel post. Lucious bounces off and tries to walk away to create some distance, but he doesn't get too far. Adams dashes forward and catching Starr with a dropkick to the back of the head and neck, propelling him forward into the ring apron! Struggling to maintain his balance as the air leaves his lungs; Lucious is tossed back in the ring by Adams.

Nick Webb: Lucious hasn't really gotten out of the blocks yet, while AJ Adams has been all over him!

Rayne: Don't worry, the AoWF's most wanted always has a plan.

AJ Adams slides back into the ring, but he's caught by Starr. Lucious drops his elbow on the back of AJ's head and stops him cold. Starr gets up and starts stomping down on Adams. AJ tries to get to his feet, pushing Lucious away. Starr takes a few steps back, then charges in, but is caught as Adams springs up and hooks him, tossing him overhead with a T-Bone Suplex! The crowd cheers as Lucious gets up slowly, taking a swing at Adams who ducks and wraps his arms around Starr's waist, lifting him up and driving him straight to the main with a German Suplex! Starr's head bouncing off the mat, but Adams keeps his hands clasped as he brings Lucious back to his feet, lifting him up off the mat again with a second German Suplex! The crowd chants "One more time" as Lucious is brought to his feet for the third and final German Suplex, completing the Trifecta.

Rayne: That's three Nick, that's gotta be it!

Adams rolls Lucious over for the cover as referee Mike Kosiboski goes for the cover.



Lucious kicks out. Adams looks more annoyed than frustrated as he grabs Starr by the back of the head and brings him to his feet. Adams connects with a left cross punch, dazing Lucious as Adams hits the ropes, but as he comes back, Lucious steps into him with a quick powerslam, hooking the outside leg.




Adams and Lucious are both to their feet this time, Adams going for a strong head kick, but Lucious ducks down and catching Adams with an uppercut Adams takes a step back and Starr grabs his right arm, whipping him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Lucious charges in, but is caught with a foot to the face for his trouble. Starr backs up and Adams perches himself on the middle rope, looking for a dropkick, but Starr catches his feet and slams him down to the mat. Starr hits the ropes as Adams sits up and is caught in the face with a low dropkick. Starr makes the cover.




Nick Webb: Lucious Starr is mounting an offense now; he could be the next United States Champion!

Rayne: This could go either way, boy is this exciting!

Starr goes outside the ring and starts climbing up to the top rope, calling for Adams to get back to his feet, which is slowly happening. When AJ faces the corner Starr is on, Lucious jumps off and a spear, but Adams catches him coming in with his right knee placed firmly in his face!

Rayne: C-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker!

Nick Webb: What? That was the Last Call, what are you thinking of?

Rayne: Sorry, I was watching Matt Stone matches to get ready to call the action for our Main Event.

Starr is out as Adams makes the cover, hooking his leg, Mike getting ready for the count.




Nick Webb: Oh my god! Lucious kicked out!

Rayne: He really wants this US title, can you blame him?

Nick Webb: No, I guess not.

Now Adams is looking frustrated. He picks Lucious up, but gets an eye full of thumb for his efforts. He walks away, trying to get his vision back and Lucious looks to capitalize, grabbing Adams' head looking to drive him down with the Hades Flame, but Adams grabs the nearby top rope to prevent the move. Lucious hits the mat and starts getting up, but Adams has recovered at this point and stalks him, grabbing his arm and head and bringing him straight to the mat, wrapping his legs around Lucious' torso in the process, it's Lights Out!

Nick Webb: AJ Adams has his signature move locked in, Lights Out for Lucious Starr!

Rayne: There's no escape, one word describes Lights Out... effective!

Lucious struggled to reach the ropes, but with Adams wrenching on his neck, Lucious has no choice but to tap out!


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner and the NEW RXW United States Champion... AJ ADAMS!!!

The bell rings and Mike is able to get Adams of Starr. Adams is handed the new RXW United States Championship! The crowd cheers as Adams celebrates with the title, looking down at Starr with content. Adams leaves the ring, holding up the title as Mike looks over the fallen challenger.

Nick Webb: Don't forget, Lucious still has to compete next for the World title!

Rayne: He'd better rest up quickly!

Our Next Stop on Pay-Per-View

August 23, 2012 - Live from the Air Canada Centre
in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gauntlet for the Gold Match

We come in with Rayne and Nick Webb sitting at the announce team.

Rayne: Here we go, the main event, we'll crown a new RXW World Champion, the first in over four years!

Nick Webb: Only five men in history have held this Championship in six years; Cody Galle, Casey Campbell, Kyle Cross, Icetank and The Notch. Not one of these men is present tonight, which guarantees us a brand new Champion to carry Revolution X Wrestling into the next era here in the AoWF!

Rayne: And what a potential list it is! A James sister, free agent Johnny Legend, the legendary Funk Dogg, PWA World Champion The Phoenix...

Nick Webb: I just hope Matt Stone doesn't win tonight. What a jerk!

Rayne: I think Matt would make a great champion for RXW!

Nick Webb: What? How can you even say that?


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is the Gauntlet for the Gold to determine the NEW RXW World Heavyweight Champion! The rules for this match are as follows. It will be conducted under Over The Top Rope Battle Royal rules, and both feet must touch the floor to be eliminated. When only two competitors remain, the match rules will shift to a singles contest, with the first competitor winning by pinfall or submission leaving as the RXW World Champion!

The crowd cheers loudly as the camera focuses on the pedestal at ringside showcasing the RXW World Championship.

Scott Benjamin: Introducing, already in the ring... Spyke Gein! RXW Tag Team Champions Allen Chaney and Alison James! The Harlequin! Funk Dogg! Johnny Legend! WARPORK! Matt Stone! And the PWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Phoenix!

As each participant is introduced, they step to the center of the ring and raise their hand or pose. After the introductions end, the bell rings. Katrina, Matt Stone's former manager, is at ringside, cheering on Alison James, much to Stone's chagrin.


Right off the bat, Alison, Allen and Ollie went straight for Stone, who must have anticipated it because he was standing all alone in one corner while the three of them were relatively close by. However, before they made it there, the Phoenix came out of left field and caught Alison with a spear, taking her down! Ollie and Allen still went for Stone, but it was now a little easier for the Straight Shooter to defend himself. Allen went in low and Ollie went high, but not high enough as Stone leapt over Ollie by using the bottom rope as a springboard. Matt backed up to the center of the ring, watching the two of them when Johnny Legend came out of nowhere going for a straight kick to Stone's head, but Matt ducked down and grabbed him by the back of the head, throwing him at the ropes. Johnny was teetering, and Lucious Starr came in and flipped Johnny right out of the ring!

Scott Benjamin: Johnny Legend has been eliminated!

Rayne: And Lucious Starr strikes the first blood in this match, so to speak!

Nick Webb: Right you are, Johnny Legend will not be the next RXW World Champion .

Funk Dogg and Harlequin were brawling in their own little world and Phoenix and Alison were going back and forth, ignoring everyone else. Rob was really trying to corner her and work her over, why we're not sure. But this still left the spotlight on Stone, Ollie and Allen. Allen reared back and caught Stone with a straight right hand, backing him up against the ropes. Ollie charged it for a high kick, but Stone ducked down, bringing the top rope with him and Ollie went flying out of the ring, hitting the floor with a thud.

Scott Benjamin: Spyke Gein has been eliminated!

Nick Webb: Neither will Spyke Gein, for that matter.

Rayne: Matt Stone once again gets the best of the Maverick family. Good for him.

Nick Webb: How is that good, he deserved to get his comeuppance for what he did and what he's said.

Rayne: People like Matt don't get comeuppance, they're too good.

Lucious was still hiding out, picking his spots. He saw Harlequin getting Funk Dogg up in the ropes and thought that would be a good place to strike. Allen had Stone in the corner was pounding away at him, Alison had the upper hand with Rob, who was now demanding all of her attention, WARPORK was still wandering around randomly hitting people. With Dogg teetering on the ropes, Lucious came over and attacked, flipping both of them over the ropes and to the floor!

Scott Benjamin: Funk Dogg and The Harlequin have been eliminated!

Rayne: Starr strikes again!

Nick Webb: That's impressive work by Starr so far in this match.

WARPORK saw that Lucious was running this and went after him, clubbing him with a hard right hand, knocking him down to the mat. Phoenix has taken control again and caught Alison in an ankle lock, twisting her previously injured ankle. Allen noticed that and turned, seeing his BFF and co-Tag Team Champion getting tortured, he charged away from Stone and hit Rob with a clothesline, Phoenix falling through the ropes and to the floor, but not eliminated. Allen made sure to check on Alison and Stone struck, sneaking up and lifting the much bigger man over the ropes and to the floor, thanks to the power of science!

Scott Benjamin: Allen Chaney has been eliminated!

Rayne: And one half of the new RXW Tag Team Champions is out! Matt is trying to keep up with Starr on eliminations. Looks like these two might be the final two.

Nick Webb: There are still plenty of people left, Rayne.

Stone had a cocky smirk on his face, looking down at the prone Allen outside the ring, dusting his hands. Matt looked down at AJ, who was trying to get to her feet. He almost looked to have a sympathetic look on his face; that is, until he was clubbed from behind by WARPORK. Stone went down holding the back of his head. Lucious Starr approached and went for a European uppercut, but he was no sold by WARPORK and tossed across the ring into the corner. Alison was getting up and she was kicked right in the head, knocking her back to the corner. WARPORK was ruling the ring, but that wasn't going to last long. Robinson was back in now, and not seeing the man that had attacked him, he would go after a man similar in build. Phoenix came at WARPORK from behind with a clubbing blow to the back of the head, followed by a few kicks to his leg. Starr and Stone were up now and the PWA alliance was born as they came over and started working on WARPORK as well. The three men were striking the bigger Victory star and backed him up against the ropes. With their powers combines, the were able to get the big man off his feet and close to going over, but when Alison came over to help, WARPORK was dumped over the ropes and hit the ground!

Scott Benjamin: WARPORK has been eliminated!

Nick Webb: Everyone gets credit for that one!

Rayne: Yeah, WARPORK falls to the ground, shame too, he has real charisma.

Nick Webb: Right... well be that as it may, we're at our final four now.

The four remaining members of the match backed into separate corners. We had the final four decided. Alison James, Lucious Starr, Rob Robinson and Matt Stone. They all exchanged looks at each other, and they slowly walked to the center of the ring. As Katrina cheers AJ on wildly from ringside (drawing looks from Stone), Lucious got in Phoenix's face and he was quickly dropped with a high kick from the PWA World Champion! Starr fell to the mat and Stone immediately jumped on Robinson, knocking him back with a forearm smash. Starr crawled over to the corner and Alison followed. Alison started sending kicks at Starr, who was trying to cover himself up. Stone was attacking Phoenix, but that wasn't working out too well. Phoenix was making his comeback, dropping Stone to the mat with a hard DDT. Alison picked Lucious up and sat him on the top turnbuckle. She tried to push him off, but Starr held on to the ropes. He raked her eyes, temporarily blinding her. Lucious would pull her up a bit, Alison being on the second rope now as Starr was still on the top. Starr now had Alison up to the top and was looking down at the floor; he tried to push her off, but Alison grabbed the top rope to steady herself. Matt Stone was getting up, but Phoenix dropped him again. Rob then saw Starr and James on top and he ran over and quickly pushed both Starr and Alison! With the force of a charging Phoenix, Alison and Starr both went flying off and right though the announce table to a loud crash!

Scott Benjamin: Alison James and Lucious Starr have been eliminated!

Rayne: Oh my god! Am I... am I still on? Nick, are you still here?

Nick Webb: Yeah, I am... that was sick!

Rayne: Well Lucious Starr won't be winning this... we're down to the final two, and as we know the final two will be decided by pinfall or submission!

Katrina quickly runs over to the rubble of the announce table and grabs Alison, checking on her to make sure she's not hurt too badly. In the ring, Stone came in from behind and grabbed Phoenix, spinning him around before trying to hit the C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Phoenix holds onto the ropes, though, leaving Matt to fall backwards onto the matt awkwardly. As Stone grabs at his back, Phoenix rolls him up and dirty pins him with his legs on the second rope!

Nick Webb: That's so cheap!

Rayne: But perfectly legal! No rope breaks in RXW, Webb!




At the last possible second, Matt wriggles out of the pin! As he rolls to his feet, Phoenix sizes him up and kicks him in the gut before sticking Matt's head between his legs in preparation for The Flame!

Nick Webb: If Phoenix hits The Flame, this match is over!

Phoenix starts to apply the cradle to deliver the piledriver, but Stone drops to his knees and low blows Phoenix as hard as he can! Robinson's eyes go wide as he stumbles back, leaving him wide open to a C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker from Stone! Matt covers and the crowd counts along!



.....3-NO!!! At the last possible second, Robinson gets his shoulder up and the crowd goes nuts!

Rayne: NO WAY! HOW did Robinson kick out of that!?

Nick Webb: He's the longest reigning PWA World Champion in history for a reason, Rayne! Wow!

Stone stands up and shakes his head before his eyes light up with an idea. As Phoenix struggles on the mat to regain his composure, Matt moves to the far corner of the ring and leans down, measuring his adversary.

Nick Webb: What's going on...? What's Matt planning here?

As Phoenix reaches his hands and knees on the other side of the ring, Matt charges. Phoenix never sees him coming as Matt lifts his foot up and cracks him across the side of the skull with his newest finishing move, I Bequeath a Boot to the Head (Orton's Running Punt)! The crowd utters a loud "OOOH!" as Robinson slumps onto the mat, lifeless. Stone drags his body into the center of the ring before covering and hooking the leg!





Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... and the NEW RXW World Champion... The Straight Shooter... MATT STONE!!!

"Sound of Madness" by Shinedown hits the RXW-Tron as Matt Stone rolls to a kneeling position, grinning widely. The timekeeper hands the RXW World Championship, along with Stone's PWA Grizzly Beer and AoWF King o' Extreme Championships, to the referee, who then hands all of the titles to Stone. Matt sets the Grizzly Beer and King o' Extreme Titles down gently, and then traces his finger along the brand new RXW World Championship.

Nick Webb: What a win! I may not be the biggest Matt Stone fan in the world, but there's no denying that tonight, here in Chicago, he earned that Championship. Matt Stone is now a two-time World Champion!

Rayne: And just like that, the era of Matt Stone in RXW has begun! The sky's the limit for this guy in the AoWF!

On the stage, RXW's new Commissioner (and Stone's love interest) Emily Corlen stands, watching and clapping. Matt glances over to the stage and smirks before hoisting the title over his shoulder and standing off as several loud rounds of pyro go off above the ring. Even most of the crowd can't help but cheer as Stone celebrates with the Championship.

Nick Webb: We're back, baby, and we're better than ever! For Rayne, I'm Nick Webb... so long from Chicago! We'll see you all in two weeks on RXW Revolution TV!

Rayne: This revolution WILL be televised!

Nick Webb: Good night, everybody!

We see one more shot of Matt Stone celebrating with the RXW World Championship before the scene fades to the RXW logo, then to black.

>> Revolution X Wrestling 2012 <<

Quick Results
Allen Chaney & Alison James def. Chris & Zach Marshall to become the new RXW Tag Team Champions
Funk Dogg def. Dallas Hoover
Vicious & Nightstryker def. Jamal Mystic & Josh McKlick
Lisa Seldon & Anna Mathews def. Stryker Cloud & Xander Strife
AJ Adams def. Lucious Starr to become the new RXW United States Champion
Matt Stone won the Gauntlet for the Gold Match to become the new RXW World Champion