Episode Eighteen (October 25, 2012) - Battle Lines

The AoWF logo flashes onto the screen before fading into the TGW logo as the familiar sound of "Break" by Three Days Grace begins to queue up and we get the video package for TGW Animosity.

Tonight, my head is spinning
I need something to pick me up
I've tried but nothing is working
I won't stop
I won't say I've had enough
Tonight, I start the fire
Tonight, I break away

Break away from everybody
Break away from everything
If you can't stand
The way this place is
Take yourself to higher places

The video fades from the Animosity logo to a set of pyrotechnics on the stage as pan around the crown, all on their feet and cheering. We zoom around the San Diego Sports Arena and see a few of the signs. "It's Funky Time!", "Be Prepared", "Orange is Good", and many more, and some of the fans in attendance are waving orange flags from the show before.

Scott Parker: Welcome to the October 25th edition of Animosity! We're here live once again in San Diego and tonight has a "falls count anywhere" match on tap along with other great action.

Ryan Davis: Think about what could happen in that match alone. Camisado showed up to Animosity two weeks ago and he and AJ Adams shared blows. Could that come into play here tonight?

Jonathan Cage Vs. AJ Adams

Scott Parker: We're all set for our first match and you can still see that cut under the eye of AJ Adams.

Adams and Cage stand in the middle of the ring and start waiting for the other to land the first blow. Cage says something that sends Adams off as he starts land hard right hands on Cage. Cage is backed into a corner and Adams whips him across and charges, following it with a hard clothesline. Adams comes out and turns around and is blasted with a right hand as Cage is right there.

Scott Parker: The former six time World Champion showing Adams not to gloat.

Cage sends himself off the ropes and takes Adams down with a spear. He climbs on top of Adams and starts to land a series of lefts and rights before Adams is able to flip him off and get to his feet. Adams puts both his fists up ready to brawl with Cage. Cage starts to smile as he lifts his own fists and approaches his opponent and gets a hard kick to the thigh for his advancement.

Ryan Davis: AJ Adams with a vicious kick.

Cage grabs at his leg and fakes like he's going to attack and Adams swings a leg out, Cage able to catch it. Adams looks for an enziguri but it misses as Cage ducks. Adams is able to land back on his foot but Cage drops him with a big German suplex. Cage locks his hands together and pulls Adams back to his feet. Adams tries to struggle out and is able to land a few hard elbows to the side of the head of his opponent. Adams grabs Cage and sends him up and over the top rope to the floor below as the fans cheer.

Scott Parker: What is AJ Adams thinking here?

Ryan Davis: Whatever it is, it probably won't be good for Jonathan Cage.

Adams points up the the sky and proceeds to run off the far ropes, charges at Cage, and dives up and over the top rope with a big splash. The crowd explodes as both men are slow to move, the referee getting out of the ring with them. Adams drapes his arm over Cage for a cover.




Ryan Davis: Not quite enough to put Cage away.

Adams starts to look under the ring and pulls out a Singapore cane and points it at Cage. Cage gets to his feet and Adams swings but misses as Cage ducks and drives a knee into the gut of his opponent. He drives his knee upwards and lands another one, this one going into the face of Adams. Cage grabs Adams and sends him the steel steps as the fans voice their displeasure.

Scott Parker: AJ Adams is grabbing at that shoulder and appears to be in a lot of pain.

Cage pulls Adams to his feet and the two men start to fight up the ramp. Adams lands a hard kick to the gut and starts to walk up towards the top of the stage. He disappears behind the curtain and Cage starts to follow.

Ryan Davis: Is AJ Adams just leaving?

Cage turns the corner into the backstage hallway and gets sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher that blinds him momentarily. Adams drops him with a hard clothesline and calls for his finisher. Cage gets to his feet and Adams goes to try the Lights Out (Codebreaker) but Cage pushes him away and then spears him into a pile of boxes.

Scott Parker: No quit in either of these men here tonight.

Both men start to climb their way out of the boxes. Cage turns around and kicks Adams in the gut and sets him up for the Doomsday Drop (Double Underhook Piledriver). Adams backdrops Cage and he lands hard on the floor. Adams falls to a knee to regain his composure for a moment and gets cracked in the skull with a hard cane shot by Camisado who came out of nowhere. The fans go wild as Camisado tells Adams "any place, any time".

Ryan Davis: Camisado just knocked AJ Adams out cold!

Adams starts to bleed from his forehead and Cage falls over top of him for the cover.




Todd Evans: The winner of the match via pinfall, Jonathan Cage!

WINNER: Jonathan Cage, via pinfall @19:44

Scott Parker: Camisado and AJ Adams are on a collision course.

We pan to a different area of the backstage and see Wade Mason talking on the phone.

Wade Mason: We'll make the announcement in two week during the next Animosity. Yes I'm really looking forward to the twentieth show as well. It'll be an exciting night for sure.

Rocky Logan & Electra Vs. Breanne Cayden & Brandon Cohen

Scott Parker: What do you think Mr. Mason was talking about?

Ryan Davis: There's been a couple rumors going around the past week or so, maybe there's truth to them.

We're all set for the next match as Logan and Electra are inside the ring and "Parachute" by Ingrid Michaelson starts to play to signal the entrance of their opponents but no one comes out. Todd Evans announces Cayden and Cohen once again but still nothing. The music cuts and the camera cuts backstage as both Cohen and Cayden are being attacked by the 323.

Ryan Davis: The 323 are beating down Cohen and Cayden backstage!

Cohen gets tossed through a table by Torres as Perez gets Cayden set up for the Gun Shot (Wheelbarrow by Perez into a running kick to the head by Torres, followed by a sit-down facebuster). She's dropped on her face as the fans boo the 323 team. Perez looks into the camera and grins as we cut to commercial.

Coming Up This Week On:

The 323 takes on the London Express. Phoenicyde appears in action. And a special appearance by Wade Mason.

Funk Dogg Vs. Camisado

Camisado and Funk Dogg are in the ring for the next match of the evening as the fans cheer on Camisado. The two men lock up and Funk Dogg locks Camisado in a side headlock but gets sent into the ropes. Funk Dogg comes back with a hard shoulder block and hits the ropes again. Camisado rolls under Funk Dogg as he jumps over, getting to his feet and then meets him with a jumping calf kick to the jaw. Funk Dogg hits the mat and rolls to his feet. The two men lock right back up and Funk Dogg sends Camisado's head into the top turnbuckle nearest to them. Camisado comes back with a couple back elbows to the head and goes to the second rope but gets dumped over the top.

Scott Parker: Funk Dogg shows some smarts and just sends Camisado over the top.

Funk Dogg distracts the referee as AJ Adams comes over the barricade through the crowd and attacks Camisado. The crowd erupts and Adams sends Camisado hard into the barricade and lands a few hard stomps and jumps back into the crowd as the referee turns around, making the ten count.

Todd Evans: The winner of the match via countout, Funk Dogg!

WINNER: Funk Dogg, via countout @ 8:29

Ryan Davis: The battle lines have been drawn here tonight as AJ Adams and Camisado have each cost each other a victory.

Adams smiles in the crowd as we fade to a commercial.

Next Time On:

Gabe Shelley in attendance to make an announcement.

Alexia Marie Vs. Adrian Kalis

The crowd is to their feet as Adrian Kalis makes his way to the ring, carrying a large orange flag.

Scott Parker: The orange revolution is in full effect, Ryan.

Ryan Davis: The fans are behind Kalis here tonight.

Kalis sits in the ring awaiting his opponent as the fans cheer on Alexia Marie. The rookie building a following with the fans. She slides into the ring and the bell sounds to start the match. Kalis swings a few kicks towards Marie but she's able to sidestep them and connects with a dropkick to the chest of Kalis. She pops back up to her feet as Kalis looks out to the crowd with a smile.

Ryan Davis: I think Kalis is a little impressed with that dropkick.

He gets back to his feet and the two competitors lock up, each trying to gain the advantage. Kalis is able to sweep the leg of Marie and looks for an elbow but she's able to roll to her feet. She dives and connects with a spinning back elbow. Both pop back up to their feet and Marie connects with a headscissors takedown. Kalis rolls to a knee and ducks an attempted shining wizard. He grabs Marie and drives a few elbows to the shoulder and head area.

Scott Parker: Devastating strikes by Adrian Kalis.

He drives Marie to a knee and measures her up and drives a kick to her back that sends her face first into the mat. Kalis pulls her back to her feet and sends her into the ropes, catching her with a back body drop. Marie tries to battle back with shots to the gut as Kalis starts to drag her back to her feet and is able to get a break. She lands a few hard chops to the chest of Kalis and looks for another headscissors but is driven into the mat with a powerbomb, Kalis falling to his knees.

Scott Parker: What a reversal!

Kalis tells Marie to get up, the fans cheering. Kalis grabs Marie and looks for the LegacyPlex but she's able to battle out and looks for a clothesline but he ducks it. She spins around and gets doubled over with a kick to the gut. Kalis sets her up and connects with the MasaDriver (Vertaebreaker). The crowd jumps to their feet but something appears to be wrong. Marie coming down on her head awkwardly as Kalis takes a step back He says something to the referee who checks on Marie and turns to the announce table and calls for EMTs and makes a "x" with his arms.

Ryan Davis: Alexia Marie appears to be seriously hurt here.

The crowd quiets down as Kalis waves for help and checks on Marie himself. The EMTs show up and check on her, putting a brace on her neck.

Scott Parker: A somber moment here in TGW as we look on.

We fade to black as EMTs continue to work on Marie.

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Quick Results
Jonathan Cage defeated AJ Adams
Funk Dogg picked up a win over Camisado
Adrian Kalis won via TKO over Alexia Marie